Just a little somethingabout myself.


Or The Endless Pursuit Of Knowledge

I started my education at Michigan State University where I spent two years dabbling in different subjects. I continued to pursue my own art on the sides – sketching in notebooks, drawing my own comic books, or sculpting characters out of Sculpey. I quickly realized that my true passion lay in the arts and decided to transfer to an art school.

I was accepted into the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. There, I studied Illustration, Art Direction, and Graphic Design as part of the Graphic Communications program. This is also around the time I discovered my love for web design – laying out simple HTML pages and creating animated GIFs. In the winter of ’96, I graduated from CCS with a BFA in Graphic Communication.


The Places I've Been, The People I've Met.

My career began at a small, print shop in Berkley, MI where I designed brochures, flyers, and booklets for Chrysler Service Contracts. From there, I went on to work at Organic where I started off as a Production Artist – retouching photos, cutting graphics, and creating animated GIFs – but quickly moved into a Designer position to work on the Dodge account. I found myself the Design Lead on the 2002 Dodge Motorsports website that went on to win the Gold Caddy Award.

After Organic, I went to work at Wunderman where I was the Creative Lead on the 2004 Lincoln website redesign. Two years later, I moved to San Francisco and worked at several agencies there including JWT, TMP, and The Loomis Group. In 2009, I moved to Los Angeles where I spent several years freelancing before settling in to my current position as a Creative Director at The KERN Agency.


The People Who Hired The People I Worked For.